Developing Skills in Graphic Design


TICE Silver day 2 – Born to be a designer

Our TICE Students are all Naturals! Mark and I were extremely impressed with some of the artwork created; we’re so excited for the Gold Stage!

Silver Stage day 2 was spent at Northumbria University, where Mark (Graphics Mentor)  introduced our students to Callumthe industry standard software, Photoshop. The workshop focused on showing the students important software skills, allowing them to take advantage of the up and coming Gold stage workshops. Throughout the day the TICE Students were given an insight into how top brands like Topshop, Apple, HMV, and many more big brands effectively create graphics for communication, that we all recognise, we just didn’t know how to create them…until now!

Skills for: Editing photographs, creating effects with various filters, blending modes, gradient maps, and even manipulation/distortion of images, highlighted the many different approaches and outcomes used to create an effective message.

The Second part of the day was a set brief.  The students had to use the photographs taken from silver stage day 1, use the software skills they had just been shown, and create a poster to visualize their Silver stage day 1 of events.

Immediately, students started experimenting with the various skills they had learnt. Discussions between students we fantastic as they critiques each others work.

Orange Bus2The results were fantastic! Each student produced a fantastic outcome, which highlighted their day. Throughout the afternoon session, students started taking pictures and tweeting about their new skillsets, even reaching and getting feedback from Orangebus, a digital agency we visited on day 1.

What an amazing day, our students had new software skills to help them move forward into the Gold stage, this will definitely help towards the exciting briefs that await them!!

We’re all excited to see what the Gold Stage brings!! Stay tuned.