Dear TICE Young Mentors 2016, Thank You…


Dear TICE Young Mentors 2016, Thank You…

Every year in the TICE Programme we have a group of young, creative minds who voluntarily come to support our younger students on their TICE journey. They have persistently shown so much care and commitment towards our students who wish to succeed in the creative and digital industries – many can emphasise their ambitions and use this as a tool to support our students as much as they possibly can. The best part about this… most of them have also been through TICE themselves. Who better to help mentor?

This year, the TICE Programme has been particularly unique – it has been bigger and better than it ever has been before which meant we needed the best people we could find to take on the Young Mentor role with limitless professionalism and enthusiasm.

We want to take this time to shine a light on these young individuals who have been such a valuable part of TICE 2015/2016:

Marni Milligan – Graphics:

This year, I returned to TICE for work experience, where I attended all days for both Silver and Gold Stages. I took photographs, wrote blog posts and most importantly, aided the students with their design work. I decided to return to TICE, because after seeing, and experiencing it for myself, I was eager to help the new potential designers of the future.  Not only this, but I wanted to give something back to TICE, specifically Mark and Jen, the two brilliant mentors who have influenced me greatly, during and even after my time at TICE and who helped shape my future as a designer. 

Amirul Alam – Graphics:

I myself was a TICE Fashion student who completed the gold stage back in 2014, which was an incredible experience so I was more than happy when I was offered the opportunity to rejoin the programme as a volunteer. Working alongside the graphics students this time round, really allowed me to appreciate the benefit programs such as TICE are able to offer to students, as it provides them both a platform to express and develop their inner creativity.

Emma Aitkin – Fashion:


Since taking part in TICE in 2013, I have stayed in touch with Jenny and the team to get work experience. I have found this experience equally valuable as I’ve been able to make new contacts such as Trend Bible, who I am now looking to get more work experience from. Also I enjoy seeing students experience new, amazing things that may influence their futures.

Beth Parnaby – Photography:

I have really enjoyed working with the TICE team this year and would love to come back and do so again in the future. As part of the work experience I was documenting the workshops through blogging and tweeting, as well as being able to assist with helping the pupils involved on their tasks and being able to answer any questions alongside Katie Lee. TICE is not only a brilliant experience for the students involved with the programme but also for me. The opportunity to gain work experience alongside professionals in a field that I am part of with myself is something that has been exceptionally insightful and enjoyable.

Bethany Irwin – Photography:

My work experience with TICE has been very personally rewarding; to have the knowledge that the students who partook in the award will take this experience with them and use it to their full advantage is brilliant. This Is Creative Enterprise allows for the dream of a creative future to become an experienced, educated and exceptional reality.

Also to our familiar faces: – we are beyond grateful that you take time out of your hectic schedules to come back and still manage to maintain, if not enhance the level of confidence and willingness to pass on your creative energy to our students year after year.

Andy Chan – Graphics:


Now having an opportunity to get work experience with TICE has allowed me to once again develop my Photoshop skills by helping out the students and with Mark, delivering new skills. Also it has enabled the students and myself to meet more industry professionals from companies such as Everything Different and the Northern Design Centre. This allows us to receive an insight of what sort of working environment the students or myself can potentially strive for after education which is really interesting.

Joseph O’Donnell – Fashion:


As long as you have an open mindset then the world is your oyster. There’s a job out there for every combination of hobbies, it’s just about finding the right one for you! That’s why I love TICE. Not only are the briefs given to each group so fantastically creative and imaginative, they’re REAL. They’ve been sent or are going to be pitched to industry professionals and leaders in the market. There aren’t many students who can leave high school and say they’ve had their music pitched and received feedback from Universal Records, or have had their skills critiqued by Marks & Spencer’s bosses. TICE can make it happen, and without TICE my CV would be a lot shorter than it is now!

Laurel Outterside – Fashion:


I have found my work experience with TICE just as exciting and valuable as completing the initial award. It’s been great to spend time with other like-minded individuals and mentors who continue to inspire me. I’ve been able to assist with the running of workshops and it has been really enjoyable to see the involvement of the students, knowing how much they will take away from the programme. TICE offers opportunities unlike any that you experience at school and really opens your eyes to the creative industry and the role you could have in it. The programme and its mentors have continued to support me throughout the years.

Nina Burrell – Fashion:


Returning to TICE as a mentor this year has been extremely rewarding, as I have seen the students grow and I have also watched their skills and ideas develop to such a high standard. Because the students are given to chance to specialise in their chosen area when they reach the Gold stages, it allows them to begin to understand that the fashion industry is about way more than just fashion design. By giving student’s the opportunity to explore the creative industries, TICE gives young people the chance to look beyond “traditional” career paths and understand that if they work hard enough, their hobbies could turn into their careers.

Rio Pringle – Fashion:


Being involved in TICE meant I was able to meet like-minded people who I am, to this day, able to call some of my closest friends. Since completing the programme, I have been offered multiple work experience opportunities with Jenny Barrett and her amazing team, which ranges from reaching out to past TICE students and hearing about their experience with the programme to working alongside current students, seeing their progression as they learn more and more about the industry from professionals. Meeting such incredible mentors such as Jenny, Lottie and Charlotte who are so successful in what they do has inspired me to be the more confident and motivated person I am today, and I am incredibly grateful for the chance to complete the TICE programme, as well as the opportunity to return and watch others share the amazing experience.

Karra Allen – Fashion:


For me what makes TICE so great is that everyone involved gets to learn something more or experience something new that they wouldn’t necessarily get the opportunity to do without TICE. As-well as having the mentors on hand as they are always willing to help you out or give you advice. I would recommend TICE to anyone who is considering a career in the creative industries as either a student on the programme or someone looking for work experience, it’s a great chance to explore what’s out there while working with people who are currently working in the industry.

Your all wonderfully talented, exceptionally brilliant individuals and we give you nothing but praise and appreciation. On behalf of the TICE Team, we thank you and are always here to support you in your future endeavours.

Ladies and gentlemen, TICE Young Mentors of 2016 – our superstars x