Steve Jobs once said “Creativity is just connecting things” and it’s that entrepreneurial mindset of innovation and collaboration the Create Stage hoped to evoke in the 12 budding young entrepreneurs from St Wilfrid’s RC College, South Shields reaching the final stage!

At this stage of their TICE journey, they have already completed both the initial Insight Stage within the school and the subsequent 2-day Explore Stage at industry inspired venues hearing from a range of creative and digital speakers, followed by their individual interviews.

The Create Stage focuses on putting into practice their creative thinking by completing an industry project, in just 3 days, St Wilfrid’s were up for the challenge!

This year’s Creative Enterprise project was kindly supported by Corinne Lewis-Ward, founder and designer at Powder Butterfly, a North East gift company producing quality British made products celebrating architecture and landmarks of British Cities in an original an innovative way. Thank you, Corinne, for your industry insight and sharing with us your business passion!

A thank you to Elizabeth Kane of The Learning and Participation team, and Ray Spencer MBE, Executive Director at The Customs House too for their support with this an enterprise in education project facilitated by TICE UK. Customs House in South Shields offers a varied arts and entertainment programme for all ages from live performance, cinema, visual arts and youth projects. A venue relevant to the students of St Wilfrid’s RC College as a cultural destination of interest right on their doorstep, one they were familiar with and had perhaps visited.

The Creative Enterprise project 2018:
• A Collaborative Collection (full project brief Creative Enterprise Project)
Led by Lee Casey (Creative Enterprise Mentor) with Lottie Maddison (Illustration Mentor)

Overview: Souvenirs not only create lasting mementoes of visiting an area or an iconic venue but also help contribute towards funding community initiatives and sustaining a local economy. Research shows that for every £1 spent in a local business 75p stays within the local economy.

If Customs House and Powder Butterfly were to collaborate could they produce either a capsule collection for general sale or a Limited Edition gift to celebrate Customs House 25th Anniversary to be given to patrons and trustees.

Could a target market be identified and which products/designs would be the most appropriate? Who would be targeted, what prices would be charged and how could a new collection be marketed?

Students first headed off down the South Shields quayside with cameras in hand to capture the historical landmarks surrounding Customs House and a little beyond to ‘The Word’ library and ferry landing. Looking for inspirational angles, points of interest they could recreate into drawings or manipulate later on Photoshop.

Designs were sketched and re-worked adding more and more detail each time with the first ideas starting to take shape. It took a further two days of design work under Lottie’s illustration expertise, taking the students through the wizardry of Photoshop and how to manipulate photos or hand drawings to achieve the desired end result. The final conceptual collections reflecting the team’s individual personalities and own creative styles.

Thank you to The University of Sunderland, the Priestman Building and Northumbria University Design Department for your hospitality too!

I would definitely consider working in the creative and digital sector, as TICE has shown me that I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. This has helped me see my future and has limited down to what I would want to do. Seeing lots of different people from different perspectives and ex-members of TICE has helped as it shows how far you can go by doing this.

– Rebecca Mooney, St Wilfrid’s RC College.

Students Work: see the results: creative enterprise BOARD 1 and creative enterprise BOARD 2
Credit: Lewis Cook, Liam James, Daniel David Wardle, Jasmine Wheatley, Fern Lilley, Rebecca Mooney, Albie Moore, Lewis Bentil, Daniel Meade, Harvey Parker, Melody Richmond and Melissa Whale-Spencer from St Wilfrid’s RC College.

To conclude it can’t go without saying, a huge congratulations to the wonderful students and their teacher Miss Jones for embracing the entrepreneurial challenge with an abundance of enthusiasm and amazing commitment. Completing the TICE Programme is a fabulous achievement and one that can be proudly added to their CV’s. The standard of work produced in the final project is a testament to an engaging and highly motivated group. St Wilfrid’s students you have been brilliant, thank you!