Creative Careers Day with Ashington High!


Ashington1Today, Newcastle College played host to a fantastic careers day for Ashington High School students. Our year 9 students were given a head start as they experienced Further and Higher Education for a day.

The morning kicked off in true TICE fashion as the students listened to a presentation by our MD Jennifer Barrett, which highlighted the many creative pathways, and career opportunities they may not have considered before. What many didn’t realise was the amount of money that is poured into the creative industries each year… 26 billion to be exact!! Here to join us was Bill Tyler who works at Newcastle College and was able to give us an insight into the various career choices available at each campus. They even have their very own aeroplane!

Before the tours began our staff and students watched the inspiring talk given by TEDx Teen; Click link below if you would like to watch:

With our students raring to go they were split into two groups; Performing Arts and Art & Design, and were taken on a tour around the various departments. They had the opportunities to slip into lessons and join in if they wanted too! Performing Arts experienced Ballet Dancers, to Acting classes and even the newsroom for those who fancied their chances reading from an autocue it was just like real live TV! As we stepped out into the canteen it was like a scene from Glee as we witnessed the HE students sat around singing, playing musical instruments and dancers limbering up before their next class. Seeing the enthusiasm on our student’s faces was certainly refreshing!


The Art & Design group were taken on a tour by Simon Chambers, who is Operations Manager Art & Design Section at Newcastle College. Simon took the group around every department from fashion through to games through to fine art where a couple of students tried out welding!


Quick stop for lunch before the afternoon session… so much to see, so little time!! Here’s where the real fun began, our students were split again but this time into three groups. One being Electronic music i.e DJ-ing, another Graphics and the third Fashion. The fabulous lecturers from Newcastle College very kindly dedicated their time to provide our students with course information whilst letting them get hands on with some activities. It turns out we have some talented students among us.


Just before the day was about to close we asked our students what sort of day they had…I’ll let them do the talking shall I?

“Newcastle College has so many opportunities to choose from” – Megan

“Todays session has really improved my confidence when it comes to performing” – Chelsea

“I thought I wanted to go to 6th form but now I’m not so sure” – Abigail

“I wanted to come to Newcastle College before this visit so this has confirmed my decision” – Lilly

“I didn’t even know this was here, I definitely want to come here I’ve had a great day” – Laura

For more photos of the day check the gallery: [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”thumbnail” title=”true” desc=”false” responsive=”true” animation_effect=”fadeIn” album_title=”true” album_id=”34″]