Computer Science starts at Longbenton!


CSlong1This year’s computer science bronze stage kicked off in Longbenton Community College on the 26th November. This year we have a new team member for computer science Phil Jeffes who works for a start up company based in Newcastle city centre. The day began with a short presentation about computer science and where it can take you. As Phil says there aren’t many areas it can’t take you as everywhere now requires some sort of computer skills. He also explained about some of the areas He has worked for with then computer science as well as a bit of background about the courses he took to get to where he is now. After the presentation the student were presented with a small basic task to get the students used to the idea of coding and how the commands work.

The student had to use commands to direct a robot around a small path consisting of turns CSlong2and corners. Once the student had completed the tasks and grasped the idea of coding they were introduced to a programme called Scratch. Scratch allows them to create small games or animations where the movements of the characters called sprites are controlled by a list commands that react to buttons or mouse movements as well as the movements of the other sprites on the screen. For many of the students this was a refresher on the programme with most having some experience working with the programme. This meant they had the chance to create a more complicated game. They produced some really amazing work.

Games ranging from fighting dragons to cross the road games and a really cool game where the objective was to restore colour to a black and white word. Everyone worked really hard and the standard was very impressive. At the end of the morning each group gave a small run through of their game to the rest of the class to explain what they had done and how their game or animation worked. Impressed with the mornings work we had high hopes for the afternoon and they did not disappoint.

After lunch the task was to create a website on a subject of their choosing using html coding. They used a site called jsbin where they learned the basics of html required to create websites and learned just how important spelling really is within coding.Once they had learned the basics they were let loose to create their very own website. The students learned really quickly and were editing styles, colours, fonts and adding extras before we knew it. The final websites were brilliant and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Well done Longbenton!