Computer Science has been a hit!


Whitley high2

This academic year we’ve launched a new creative area, that of Computer Science. Led by Vector 76 and new TICE  Mentor Shaun Allan. Two schools have taken up this area, Whitley Bay High School and Seaton Burn College and we asked the students to give us a bit of an insight into why they applied;

Here summed up best by Mael, Nathan, Jasper, Simeon and Jake from Whitley Bay High School;

Whitley high

We joined TICE because of our interest in the game development industry and thought that TICE was an ideal opportunity to engage with professionals and explore their exciting place of work. We were especially interested in TICE when we learnt an area oriented around computer science.

We are all interested in Computer Science but we never had an opportunity to explore this mysterious concept. TICE allows us to realise it was not so mysterious and are having a lot of fun learning the basics of this industry.

We all agreed that what truly inspires us is the future. What we do with our lives can be influenced now through simple activities like learning code. This is awe-inspiring and we can’t wait to start our lives in this very dynamic world. TICE has really opened our eyes and imagination.

By Mael, Nathan, Jasper, Simeon and Jake.