Collingwood meets Hollywood Summer School 2014


TICE Summer Schools Last week we completed a fantastic summer school at Collingwood School and Media Arts College, a community special school based in Morpeth. We themed the summer school as ‘Collingwood meets Hollywood’ that put a movie themed twist onto all activities and fully documented our 2 weeks with mini movies and photo galleries for everyone to see what was happening. You can see absolutely everything on our blog: but here’s a quick breakdown of who we met and what we got up to… We had 10 days with our Collingwood superstars who had a vast range of activities to get involved in. Of course everything had that TICE creative spin added to it and all workshops bought into step into the Hollywood vibe and created sessions which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Here’s a brief overview of our 2 weeks,you can click on photos to see the posts and also watch all our mini movies:

Day one

Day 1: First we started off baking cupcakes and brownies ready for NBA Skills and Film Fighting Skills with James Watling. Check out the movie for Day 1.

Collingwood Meets Hollywood Day two

Day 2: You can’t have a film themed summer school without a celebrity guest! Meet Smurf from Mini Pony Hire! Plus our very own Charlotte Liddle came in to do some jewelry making. Check out mini movie for Day 2.

Collingwood Meets Hollywood Day 3

Day 3: Our Collingwood superstars start making a name for themselves spraypainting with John Craggs.  Then ended up in the sequel of Splash! the movie for Day 3.


Day 4: Today was split into two creative areas, music with our very own Sam Burt and also animation with Nicky in Collingwood’s Media Suite. Some fantastic results shown in Day 4’s mini movie.


Day 5: This gave a creepy crawly finish to the end of our first week. Animal Antics Parties stopped by with an array of celebrity guest from all sorts of famous animal/insect movies! But that wasn’t all, monsters then featured in the afternoon with our TICE mentor Lottie Maddison. Here’s a look at Day 5.


Day 6: We kicked started our week with another visit from James Watling with NBA Skills but also got our chefs out once more to create healthy fruit smoothies, some vegetable soup and fresh bread… yum! That’s not all, there was also a quick French lesson too!  A quick look at Day 6.


Day 7: Science was the name of the game today… obviously in the most creative ways. Today we had the Nutty Professor in making mini Jurassic Park’s and also Sam Burt back with a session which gave us a little science into the ‘Sound of Music’… check out Day 7.


Day 8: Well… it’s impossible to have a movie themed summer school without a film classic! Today we all turned into Robin Hood with the Green Lane Archers from Newbiggin! Also, John Craggs returned to help other young stars create a name for themselves too. Here’s Day 8.


Day 9: Today was all about our young celebrities themselves. In Collingwood’s Media Suite we set up the photoshoot for our little stars to dress up as their icons. TICE’s Katie Lee on hand to do the photography with Philippa Christie and Jo Birkett in wardrobe and make-up. Lottie Maddison was also back to help them create their Hollywood stars and hand prints… Tough job being a celebrity! Here’s Day 9.


Day 10: Our final day at Collingwood… but it did end cheery and we had a fantastic time with AAA Sports and the cheerleading session from Karen and Melissa. What an amazing couple of weeks with some true superstars… Here’s Day 10.