Everyone is human. No matter what arguments, differences, appearances. 

    We are all forever human. 

    We are alike, no matter how far we attempt to branch out and try to be indifferent, we can never simply be alone. 

    We need to learn to love, to evolve and to change. 

    We should evolve as a group and if we don’t, the stranglers of a broken dystopia will be left behind. 

    A new beacon of equality, the freedom to be expressive, and the freedom to live a fulfilled life. The old world was engulfed by overwhelming emotions that ravaged our once enlightened world. 

    We are all born from the same process, we are all natural. 

    We all start pure, later influenced by bogus claims of an “equal” reality. 

    We are living in unprecedented times, in which all we need is a true story, but with the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and the simplicity to make “fake news”. 

    Why can’t we live in such harmony we lived in 50 years ago when the world has advanced technologically, medically and naturally since? 

    We have the resources to build self-sustainable lifestyles, to grow, to fertilise and to prolong our lifetimes, but we don’t. 

    Our minds are governed by ill-doing thoughts, and we need to purify them, to live at most, a comfortable life.

    By Jackson Asiamah, John Spence Community High School

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