Time changes. People change. The world changes.  

When I think of the word ‘change’ I think of climate change, global warming, how the world is changing. And not necessarily in a good aspect. When I think of the word ‘change’, I think of how people can change. And not necessarily in a good way. When I think of the word ‘change’ I think about how time changes. And not necessarily in a good way. 

Change is a good thing, but we don’t always realise. We must understand that if we keep heading in the same direction, there might not be a world to pass onto the next generation. 

There might not be any kind-hearted, respectful, responsible people left in the world. And there might be no time left to live. 

Life is a one-time thing, and we are taking it for granted. 

If we don’t change now, the world we live in and the people will continue to change in a negative way. 

We are witnessing time changing, and we aren’t doing enough about it. 

We know about the problem, yet we push it to the back of our minds and think it will just cure itself or someone else will change it. 

It must be pushed forwards otherwise time will run out. 

We must educate the next generation and we must take a stand. 

Think about the animals. And their habitats. They are becoming extinct, dying, suffering all because of us. 

It must change. 

Think about the world, it’s getting hotter and ,although it is nice to have sunshine, wouldn’t you rather have a world? A healthy, happy world? Think about it.  

The world is being destroyed. 

Yet we just sit here – aware of the issue and still, we continue to throw rubbish on the ground. It all ends up in the sea. The sea that is home to billions of species. Did you know that 14 billion pounds of rubbish end up in the ocean every year?

This means that by 2050, the ocean will contain at least 937 million tons of plastic, outweighing the 895 million tons of fish. The sea is their home, and we are taking that away from them. 

Earth is our home, and we are taking it away from ourselves. 

It must change. 

Because if it doesn’t, there might be no world left to live in. 

All because of us. 

Because we refused to let it change. 

By Sophie Westwood, George Stephenson High School

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