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2. Explore Stage

The EXPLORE Stage runs over a period of two days (non-consecutive), this involves taking students out of school and immersing them into creative and digital industry. At this point, the TICE journey enables young people to see what the industry is like through their own eyes – a rare opportunity which makes this experience particularly special. At this stage, students have the chance to participate in ‘behind the scenes’ tours, speak with creative entrepreneurs and business professionals and as a result, make contacts with specialists (from local, regional, national and international companies) gaining even more of an understanding into their chosen creative area. We ultimately aim to expose young people to the opportunities within the creative digital sectors, whilst also highlighting the importance of being resilient and working hard. We keep the path to success very broad and allow students to look at every option that is available to them, we encourage both academic and vocational routes with being linked to many further and higher educational courses that can be encountered on the Explore Stage. Overall, the fundamental ingredients to this stage is skills building and awareness.