My LIFE – My experiences

My LIFE – My experiences by Andreea MatachescuBritish School of Bucharest 18 years, hundreds of millions of seconds till nowMade me learn that all I do, somehow recorded in my soul. We’re all emotionsEvery decision we makeAnother...

Dressing the Metaverse || Fashion in Gaming

There's nothing new about the intersection of fashion and gaming. For as long as you've been able to slap Super Mario on a T-shirt, there's been a relationship between the two worlds. But recently,...

Let Them Eat Cake || Food Photography

Every brand has a distinct personality and a unique approach. That unique personality needs to be highlighted to customers to create an identity and conversation. Strong photography can add life to a brand, leads...

Take the Air || Conspicuous Consumption

Belsay Awakes is a £6million project delivered over three years (2020-23) aiming to transform a visitor’s experience at Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens. The project involves crucial conservation and redesign work, in addition to...

Here Come the Movers and Shakers

Young people’s voices, opinions and perspectives have never been more crucial. At TICE, we wanted to have a design-related project that solely paved the way for young people to express their beliefs, create some...