Bringing Out the Personality of Pets || Pet Photography

For TICE Photography, students shared their artistic viewpoints inspired by furry friends.

For the Summer 2022 cohort, photography mentor, Jennine Wilson was joined by some students from Churchill Community College to explore the breadth of the photography industry. Pet Paw-trait was the project of choice.

TICE Project: Pet-Pawtrait

Mentored By: Jennine Wilson – Photography Mentor
Project Contributors: Rebecca Ashworth-Earle – Northeast Dog Photographer

TICE pet photography workshop @ Newcastle College

The Brief:

Pet photography is a popular photographic niche these days, whether it be photos of a furry friend for the Instagram feed or professional pictures to hang on walls. Pets (although challenging at times) are the perfect subjects for photography. Their energy, unpredictability, and joyfulness can be turned into eye-catching photography. This is a project for photographers who love animals and would like to learn more about the fun world of pet photography.

The students gained knowledge and inspiration from professional pet photographers on how to capture characters with a camera. From there, students chose their subject and did research on the animal’s personality, which would shape the overall themes and style for their pet photoshoot. The final outcome would be a part of their pet photography business and should aim to interest a pet owner in purchasing a piece of art to feature in their home.

Project Results:

Please view the final results of the students’ work from Churchill Community College:

Tyler Fawcett, Churchill Community College
Jasmin Marsden, Churchill Community College

What did the students think of their TICE experience?

Please tell us your chosen project and why you chose this one?

Pet Paw-Trait, I chose this project because it’s so fun to take different types of photos of animals and their personality and I’ve always enjoyed being around animals and the hugs I get from them.” Jasmin, Churchill Community College.

What do you think you will take away from doing this project?

I think I will take away the experience of getting to take photos of the animals and different ways to edit the photos and the different ways on how to take them.” Jasmin, Churchill Community College.

Thank you and well done, not only to the students but to the teachers at Churchill Community College. And a big thank you to North Tyneside Learning Trust, to the companies that have supported and contributed to this project, and to the TICE team that plugged away at the project week after week.

To the students – we hope you have enjoyed this project, we hope in years to come that you can proudly present an industry-written project you did and quite frankly smashed. Well done and congratulations from everyone here at TICE.

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