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    BBC Performing Arts Fund Winners!

    In February 2013, we were very proud to be awarded with the BBC Performing Arts Fund, allowing us to host a fellowship for a local music student.  To date, the fund has awarded more than £4 million to talented and motivated individuals/community groups within the field of performing arts, allowing them to realize their creative goals.

    TICE has selected a talented, young musician, Jordan Riley, as our Fellow. During the Fellowship, he has continued to receive our guidance and mentoring in his learning experience.  Additionally, Jordan will have the opportunity to be introduced to and work with other artists while he works towards producing his own EP.  This presents him with greater opportunities of pursuing his future goal to work within the music industry. The Fund also serves to strengthen and further develop TICE’s professional network, introducing us to other artists in similar and different disciplines, as well as other regions.

    We are very honoured to receive such an achievement, and we hope to make the most out of this great opportunity.

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