An interview with Wayne C McDonald: Producer, Songwriter and DJ – by Megan Savage

“One half of The ILLIONNaires, Producer : Songwriter : Tastemaker DJ : 3 x Daddy Of The Year Awards Gold Medalist. The ILLIONNaires are currently collaborating and working on new material for Amplify Dot, Busta Rhymes, A*M*E, Dionne Bromfield, Elyar Fox, Rascals, Ryan De La Cruz, and Ghetts.” 

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Introduced by our music mentor Sam, TICE Music students had the honour of performing their original songs to Wayne whilst sound checking for the Final Show. Wayne was kind enough to share his views on the music they composed – more specifically, how they performed to the hypothetical audience. He felt really strongly about presence and connecting with those who are listening. The students were immediately absorbed in his passion and drive for simply sharing music with the world. Including myself.

Wayne Mc

I was intrigued to hear more about what his thoughts were on not only the performances he witnessed but the purpose of TICE and how organisations like us can help musicians who aspire to follow in his footsteps.

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Check out my exclusive interview with Wayne McDonald here:

An Interview with Wayne McDonald from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

A BIG thank you for Wayne for coming along to give our TICE students feedback! THANK YOU! It’s very much appreciated!

Check out Wayne here:

and here via his hugely influential weekly R&B radio show via the links on

Check out how the music students performed on the night!:

Songwriting Supremos! – TICE Music Gold Stage 2016