Advertising and Promotional Branding Project #TICEgraphics2014


By Jordan Miller

Five Graphics students mentored by Mark Pattinson took on an advertising and promotional graphics project sponsored by creative agency Everything Different. The five Year 10 students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College and Longbenton Community College were given 3 days to create a summer campaign to help generate brand awareness for the shopping centre St Davids in Cardiff. Students who develop very quickly CAD skills have produced some outstanding work… take a look

The graphics students Louise Andrews, Georgia Elliott, Eliesha Kinchley, Daniel Watson and Jordan Miller showcased their incredible graphic design skills at this year’s Final Show. With only 3 days to concentrate on the project based at Northumbria University the students were introduced to creative software Adobe Photoshop and taught skills to successful complete their campaign.

Mark Martin, Creative Director at Everything Different had this to say about their work:

I’ve reviewed the designs and ideas the students have submitted for the St David’s brief we set…..I’m blown away. The ideas are raw and innocent but most important you instantly get it and recognise the campaign of Summertime. I would have loved to have seen these in more situations but what the students have produced is just great. Did the students learn the software to present these visuals?, if so what software did you teach them? again, really good if they did, they could probably teach me a thing or two! Please thank the students for all their hard work in delivering such a high standard of ideas and I wish them well with the creative path they choose as a career. Best wishes, Mark Martin, Creative Director, Everything_Different

Presenting the Graphics work:

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Project Sponsors:
DifferentSpecial thanks to Everything Different

3 days… hard at work, a few shots from the Graphics Workshops based at Northumbria University:

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