A ‘smart creative’ careers day with Bailey Green


The TICE team spent a day last week with year 6 at Bailey Green Primary School in Killingworth. The topic of the workshop was careers in the creative industry, and various activities and tasks introduced this exciting sector.

We looked at the TICE programme and the creative/digital subjects we deliver and then considered how these creative areas could be combined with academic subjects.

For example: Someone interested in both fashion and English could consider a career in fashion journalism; a keen photographer with an interest in science could pursue a career in forensic or medical photography and someone with a passion for music and a skill for handling technical, mathematical information, could use both skills to become a sound engineer.


Sam and Lottie from the TICE team introduced their own personal creative practices and discussed their education pathway – from junior school to secondary school through to further and higher education.

Next up came two creative thinking workshops.

Creative thinking and problem solving skills are highly desirable in any workplace, so, even if we aren’t gifted painters and visualisers, we can still adopt creative thinking techniques to improve our performance in all subject areas. The workshops served as a ‘warm up’ and confidence builder to aid in the completion of the afternoon’s design challenge.

Year six completed music and lateral thinking and drawing activities with Sam and Lottie.

Sam’s session concentrated on composing rhythm patterns that conveyed emotions: joy, sadness, anger etc. and analysing and responding to music.



Bailey Green TICE Crash Course from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

The main afternoon task would involve the students listening to a piece of music they had never heard before and then responding to the themes and emotions in it through visual art. To prep we listened to a few familiar pieces of music and talked about how they made us feel. For Daft Punk it was a pretty obvious what the music was doing to everyone!

Lottie set her group a series of cryptic thinking and drawing tasks. ‘What colour is Sunday?’ ‘What does laughter taste like?’ were amongst the questions asked and the group considered how they could convey the meaning of descriptive words with only colour, media and mark making.



By the end of their workshops, Year 6 had mastered conceptual thinking and problem solving and it was time to put these skills to practice.

The group was split into small creative teams to work on a ‘real-life’ creative brief. A nominated project leader managed a team of art workers, copywriters, researchers and lyricists in the completion of an album cover, lyrics sheet and band biography.


The teams listened to tracks and were prompted to respond in terms of colour, visuals, media, tone and line.


Initial, rough ideas were completed and then the creative teams set to work.

Thick and energetic lines of fluorescent paint
Paint experiments using blowing techniques created lively colour clashes.
Paint experiments using blowing techniques created lively colour clashes.


Bailey11 copy

The artworkers concentrated on completing the record cover, whilst the copywriters and lyricists used their creative writing skills to develop song names and lyrics sheets.

Thought was given to the layout of lyrics and we considered how we could communicate and emphasise meaning and subject.
Thought was given to the layout of lyrics and we considered how we could communicate and emphasise meaning and subject.


The Smart Creatives in Year six produced a range of thought provoking, conceptual responses.Excellent team work was demonstrated by all groups and each outcome was an impressive collaborative effort.

Bailey16Bailey15Bailey14The work really does speak for itself!

A big thank you goes out to Bailey Green Primary staff and children, we had a fabulous day and really enjoyed working with you!

“We had an excellent day with Lottie and Sam who gave the children lots of ideas about job opportunities within the creative industries. The children didn’t want to stop working on the album covers and came up with some very thought-provoking and inspired designs.”

Kaye Morgan, Deputy Head and Year 6 Teacher, Bailey Green Primary School.