A chance to think about celebrating life’s moments.

    TICE Creative Writing offered our students two very different briefs to explore, but both giving an opportunity to make a statement, a chance to reflect and that beautiful notion being the freedom of expression. Enjoy.

    2020 has given us all some surprises, a world turned upside down forcing us to work in different ways and to adapt to many new rules and restrictions. Here at TICE, everything changed. What was mainly a face-to-face organisation working with young people giving them a hands-on insight into creative, design and digital sectors suddenly had to change – TICE went online. In all honesty, we did not know if many young people who were participating currently in TICE programme would want to carry on or whether we should carry on in such difficult times. But we did and guess what… so did many students and this is what happened.

    In previous years, our Create Stage gives students (from Year 9 or Year 10) a selection of industry projects to choose from. Something different, unique and special to add to their portfolios. This year was no different, yet instead of physical hands-on support, our TICE students took it upon themselves to do their projects online. Step-by-step video guides took them through industry-focused themes, topic and skills. Not only did they manage them, but their results have also blown us away. Here presents what the TICE Creative Writing students achieved:

    Creative Writing projects 2020

    This year’s creative writing students come from George Stephenson High School and Churchill Community College. The students could choose from two projects:

    • Project One – Bella Freud: Fashion Photography & Editorial Brief
    • Project Two – Sarah Davy: Creative Writing & Publishing Brief

    Project One – Bella Freud: Fashion Photography & Editorial Brief.

    Supported by: Bella Freud
    Mentored by: Jennifer Barrett, Katherine Wildman & Jennine Wilson
    Project Contributors: Joseph O’Donnell, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator – Bella Freud, Emma Cassidy – Fashion Communication Graduate, Northumbria University, Jenny Shevlin – Senior Invention Planner, Reach PLC & Christopher Hodge – Senior Lecturer, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication, Northumbria University.

    The Chapters of the Bella Freud project

    Project Outline: Fashion activism is the practice of using fashion as a means of awareness or social change and fashion labels have increasingly begun taking political stances and using their status to instil social change or send positive messages. This includes climate change themed catwalk shows, water concerned sustainability pledges, anti-racism empowered casual wear and even fashion footprint calculators.

    And it is true, fashion activism starts every day when you open your wardrobe, it is about freedom, expression and being who you want to be…if anything, that is what you stand for, who may inspire you and how you can actively pay tribute to muses and movements.

    The Brief: With the fashion industry venturing into activism at unprecedented levels, it is your turn to show what you stand for. Inspired by the Happening section of the Bella Freud website you will be supported in creating a photoshoot and blog article to showcase what you value most. Centred around just one word.

    Project results: please view the final results of the students’ work from:

    • Chloe Scott from Churchill Community College – Catwalk
    • Matthew Watts from Churchill Community College – Strength
    • Gabrielle Blevins from Churchill Community College – Good on you, sister
    • Hollie Dunn from Churchill Comunity College – Marine
    • Sophie Westwood from George Stephenson High School – Change
    • Libby Forrest from George Stephenson High School – Justice

    Project Two – Sarah Davy: Creative Writing & Publishing Brief

    Supported by: Sarah Davy
    Mentored by: Katherine Wildman
    Project Contributors: Sarah Davy – Freelance Writer

    Project Outline: Memories & Belonging will see you creating your own written archive. It’s all about capturing a moment in time, a snapshot of your life and will give you a chance to slow down, to reflect and to write in a distinct and very personal way.

    The chapters of the Sarah Davy project

    It’s a chance to think about celebrating life’s moments – in the middle of the hubbub of today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world. This project asks you to take your time, to consider your responses, to slow down and to use your imagination. You’ll be asked to engage your senses and ask your inner voice to take you on a journey of storytelling, place-making and reminiscence.

    The Brief: This is a chance to slow down, to explore where your writing can take you – with guidance and examples but without rules. There is no right or wrong. You’ll be supported through both the writing stage – and the editing stage. The writing stage will help you explore your creativity, the editing stage will see you working to a short, concise brief.

    Project results: please view the final published result from Abigail Akinyemi from Churchill Community College.

    Thank you & Well done!

    All we have left to say is “Thank you & Well done”, not only to the students but to the teachers at John Spence Community High School, Bedlington Academy, Sacred Heart Catholic School, North Tyneside Learning Trust, to the parents who helped along the way, the companies that have supported and contributed to these briefs and the TICE mentor that plugged away at the project week after week.

    And to the students, our final words of 2020 – we hope you have enjoyed these projects, we hope in years to come that when asked “What did you do when COVID-19 hit your shores?”, you can proudly present an industry written project you did, achieved, quite frankly smashed. Well done and congratulations from everyone here at TICE. It’s been an absolute pleasure!