A powerful way of looking at the world

    It seems that during this surreal time in our lives, we have found peace in drawing, colouring-in, making art. For instance, we...

    Isolated, yet free with their stories.

    It is remarkable that the animation industry is so prominent in the Northeast, yet very few are actually aware of it. There...

    Changing the world, one story at a time.

    It’s a funny one. Back in November 2019, the TICE team gathered for a trend forecasting meeting which helps shape the annual...

    “I wish I’d had that when I was at school."

    When we describe what it is that we do at This is Creative Enterprise, the response we always get is, “I wish I’d had that when I was at school.” So, what do we do? We work with businesses, schools, colleges and universities to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

    So, this is us – This is Creative Enterprise – providing students from four to 24 with creative innovation through business enterprise.

    And we love what we do.

    TICE brings a unique and invaluable perspective to student learning outside the classroom. With us, young people can explore the worlds of:

    Fashion | Textiles & Craft | Music Industry | Photography | Software Development | Graphic Design | Illustration | Careers & Enterprise | Creative Writing | Animation | and more.

    We introduce students to current industry trends, perspectives and emerging opportunities by giving the young people we work with the chance to explore in full the scope of the careers that exist within the commercial creative industries. We work to give each student real-time, hands-on access to what’s happening in the world today – so they can think about where they might see themselves in the future.

    From our one-day workshops in primary schools to our longer-term projects with secondary school students, the experiences we offer and the businesses we work with change each year. This reflects the speed of innovation that takes place, month by month, across the creative and digital sectors.

    Both our programmes and workshops reflect the developing needs of industry and, in terms of sector awareness and employable skills, we keep abreast of changing trends. Each of our creative areas taps into trend-driven and innovative provision to support and develop the career decisions of the young people we work with.

    Fashion Bronze Stage 2013

    Fashion & Textiles is a very popular option on TICE. Students who opt for this area are taken through an overview of how the industry operates and the varying and vast job roles within it. The Insight Stage concentrates on industry awareness and showing the students the different areas...

    And it doesn't end there...

    Since TICE started in 2008, over 2,500 students have been involved in the TICE programme. As a result of the experiences, connections and confidence they gain with us, many are now employed in the creative, design and digital industries.

    Graphics Gold Stage 2013

    Once again, this years Graphics students amazed us all with their creative and digital skills. The Graphics students concentrate their efforts on 2 of...

    TICE Final Show 2013

    TICEFinal (1) from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

    Graphics Bronze Stage

      The graphics Bronze stage consisted of a range of graphics activities and exercises. Students were given a creative exercise to help understand where and how...